Best Trends in Delivery for Online Fashion Retailers

Fashion retail remains one of the most competitive sections of the e-commerce industry, and the tiniest details can make a huge difference. Delivery can be a genuine differentiator for store owners. Customer expectations regarding fashion consist of timely deliveries, an inclusive customer experience, and a more convenient click and collect option.

In today’s blog post, we explore how e-commerce store owners can perform better in delivery when it comes to choice, cost, and convenience. In big 201o, what are the latest delivery trends for the fashion industry?

1. The Highest Selling Fashion Retailers Offer Non-Store Click and Collect Options

The fashion industry is proving to be a trailblazer for non-store click and collect, with partners like Collect+, HubBox, myHermes, and many more. They offer customers the ability to order items like and receive the packages at convenience stores.

The ability to offer customers the convenience to shop and collect purchases when, where, and how they want represents a transformative process for any enterprising retailer. This delivery option can be integrated into your Magento store by a credible Magento Developer or Agency in a bid to increase your conversion rates across all items.

2. Fashion Retailers Provide Quicker In-Store Click and Collect

Fashion retailers not only offer a diverse range of click and collect options, but they also provide a quicker in-store click and collect, as most fashion retailers can have the service ready for the following day. Fashion retailers often have an existing complex business infrastructure for both stick checks and delivery to cater to the rapid stock and demand.

Most fashion retailers will likely take advantage of this existing setup to incorporate same-day click and collect for available products, or quick delivery to the customer’s choice of store the following day.

3. Next Day Delivery Option Will Be Commonplace For Fashion Retailers

Fashion retailers can also provide premium home delivery services, and it has been proven that fashion e-commerce stores lead the way in terms of delivery compared to other industries. In the world of rapid fashion, customers expect quick deliveries in this constant gratification generation where expectations at an all-time high.

It is essential that you run a seamless network from the point of checkout to delivery and pickup. We recommend you have the support of a certified USA Magento development team to help run your business operations smoothly.

4. Higher Delivery Fees

For fashion retailers to provide a higher click and collect/delivery services, the cost of running a seamless infrastructure will inevitably increase. This increase often comes in forms of hiring reliable Magento Developer.
Hence, the average fashion retailer spends more on their Magento powered store compare to other retailers. While store owners in the fashion niche charge more for delivery options, the costs do not tend to matter to customers who desire lightning-quick delivery services.


From our review of the latest trends being incorporated in Magento powered fashion e-commerce stores, it is clear to see that the fashion industry leads the way and serves as a trailblazer in terms of customer expectations.

This makes fantastic news, especially if you are a store owner that has worked hard in implementing fast delivery service and options for pickup on your store. Failure to implement these practices, backed by expert Magento service providers is detrimental to the growth of your store.

If you still operate an old system that doesn’t allow you to integrate new features on your platform, we highly recommend you watch to Magento 2.0, and you may be in need of extensive digital transformation to give you the edge needed to boost profits, efficiency, and sales on the ever-competitive fashion e-commerce industry.

Are you currently implementing any new trends in your online fashion store? Be sure to share what has worked for you in terms of items delivery in the comment section below. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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