Is Your Honey Pure Or Adulterated? How to Check Its Purity At Home!!

Honey is one of the practical and natural remedies for well-being. Or we must say honey is no less than an elixir for your body. This lovely ingredient made by nature can not only sweeten your life, but it is also abundant in minerals, nutrients and living enzymes. From the antioxidant-rich and immunity-boosting benefits, healing properties and its ability to fight a cold, cough or throat infection in an instant, honey is something all of us should be consuming daily.

Nowadays, there are many stores where you can buy the best Manuka honey. With the increased demand for honey, consumers are now more, and suppliers are comparatively few. And this vast difference between suppliers makes the practice of adulteration of honey. Many suppliers supply low-quality honey, which gives rise to many health problems as chemicals are used in it.

Here, the question is how to find the purity of honey? How can you consider that the product we are buying is pure and not adulterated?

Don’t worry about your ease; we mentioned some simple, easy ways to test honey’s purity at home.

Let’s pounder below:

  1. The Thumb Test:
    First, let’s start with a straightforward test. In the thumb test, you have to take a small amount of honey on your thumb. Now spill it with a finger’s help; if it spills or spreads like other liquid, honey is adulterated. Yes, because pure honey is thick, while impure honey will be runny. Pure honey is very sticky; it doesn’t drip easily.

  2. Test Purity of Honey with Water:
    In the water test, take one spoon of honey and put it in a glass of water. Now, observe the behaviour of honey, if it will dissolve quickly, then it is fake or adulterated honey. Pure honey has a more dense texture and will settle right at the bottom of the glass as lumps. It takes honey time to dissolve in water but still does not mix well.

  3. The Flame Test:
    Did you know the pure form of manuka honey is inflammable? But it’s true. To perform this test, take a matchstick and dip it in honey. Strike the matchstick against the matchbox. If it lights, then honey is pure. If not, it may be degraded and may also contain some moisture added during contamination.

  4. The Refrigerate Test:
    In this test, you have to store your bottle of honey in the refrigerator. Now observe the behaviors of honey, If it freezes, then it is degraded and contains a mixture of sugar and water. Pure honey does not freeze and stays in its stable position.

Honey is a healthy natural alternative to sugar that gives you several health benefits. If you are looking to buy honey gifts, then consider the quality first. The only RAW honey form has actual sanative properties.


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