Men’s & Women’s Blazer Styles: A Guide to Buying and Wearing

Whether we talk about men or women, there should be a selection of blazers in the wardrobe of both. They are great for occasions when you want to look put together, but a suit would be a bit much. The design & style of a particular blazer may reflect the characteristics of the person wearing it.

Aesthetically speaking, Blazers aren’t the new trend. They are around in the fashion world back from the 1800s and are known to be among versatile style statements. Blazer gives an intelligent look and adds versatility in dressing.

But when it comes to blazers, we tend to buy what we like, but did you know that they are available in different fabrics or styles as well. And every cloth comes with its unique benefit or speciality.

Suppose, if you like to wear mens linen jackets, it means that there is some uniqueness in this fabric that you like. Similarly, in this, we talk about the different blazer styles & their buying or wearing tips.

Let’s get started!

Men’s Blazer Styles

If talking about the blazer styles, then there are two types: Single or double-breasted blazers.

Single-Breasted Blazers: Generally, these types of blazers, suit jackets having one to three buttons. These blazer styling work for a host of occasions, from date nights to formal events. It includes a wedding. They are very comfortable wearing jeans and casual shirts at a party or other casual occasions.

Double-Breasted Blazers: A double-breasted blazer, coat, jacket, or vest comes with wide, overlapping front flaps, which has on its front two symmetrical columns of buttons. They make you look bigger than you are. This style of blazer is worn for dressier occasions such as work, weddings, etc.

Types of Fabric for a Blazer

If you are thinking about blazer shopping, you’ll find several options to choose from. A few of them are considered below:

Wool is the best fabric that does a fantastic job to keep warm in the chill winter season. Plus, you can also wear this fabric in an autumn month. Plus, these types of fabrics are good insulators giving them an edge over their fabric competition. Blazer made of premium quality wool is perfect for pulling off the classic look.

Just similar to wool fabric but having a more formal side and will keep you warm. Tweed blazers also come within several styles including will, overcheck, striped, checked, and herringbone tweed. Plus, these blazers can look great with a well-fitted pair of jeans, trousers or chinos in a neutral colour.

The linen blazer jacket is among the most common pieces back from then, giving that warm and comfortable feeling despite weather odds. Womens linen jacket can go well for formal and semi-formal as well as casual looks. They are a popular choice at summer weddings and come in a wide range of colours. In short words, they are timeless and make a great wardrobe staple.

Cotton fabric blazers are just similar to linen. 100% breathable, softer, and wear well, which make them great for everyday use. Ideally perfect for hot summer days. If you are looking to buy a suitable piece for fancier occasions plus comfortable for long stretches, a cotton twill blazer will fit perfectly.

A velvet blazer always looks formal because the fabric is quite luxurious. Perfect as a dinner or wedding. This velvet adds a touch of plush to a classic tuxedo look. Plus, it goes well during cool-weather spring and summer nights.

Factors that you should consider while buying men’s & women’s blazers:

How to wear a blazer Here, most people spoil their look. Just as a blazer has a different style and fabric, it can be worn in several ways.

So let’s know some ways:

If you are still confused, then simply wearing your blazer with a casual shirt, T-shirt, or thin knit would work well.


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