Simple Items You Can’t Forget To Take On Every Bike Ride!

Have you ever had a bike ride experience? If not, then you must have a thrilling one. When we go on a ride, we always hope that it will be amusing and enjoyable. We must however be prepared for the unexpected. For example, if you need long-term comfort for your feet, you must carry a pair of arch support insoles with you when you decide to go for a ride.

Before embarking on a bike tour, using a bicycle touring checklist to ensure you have everything you need is a must. If you need to feel at ease on the bike, carry all of your belongings, deal with mechanical issues, and unwind after a long day of riding.

But when things certainly go wrong, you should be ready with the crammed pocket under your seat. Here is a list of specific items which you would surely need to have.

Let’s have a look below!

Bike Pump:
Always bring a small bike pump with you. The best ones mount or clip to the bike’s frame. Before you take off, test it to ensure it is operational. Make sure the hose is not cracked and that air is flowing through it.

Tire Patch Kit:
You should carry a small tire patch kit along with you. These are very important and take up very little space. If you have a tire kit, ensure that the rubber patches have not dried up. If they do so, then get a flat one for yourself.

Tools And Wrenches:
Carry a small pack of wrenches that fits your bike. Do carry small screwdrivers, pliers, and spoke wrench that would fit your spokes. It is easy to check whether the wrenches are with you or not.

Spare Glasses And Flashlight:
It can be an upstanding idea to take a small flashlight with you who wears a spare pair of glasses. If they are destroyed, make sure to buy a new one so that you may come to know about what you do while fixing your bike.

Spare Inner Tube:
It is a good idea to take a spare inner tube on a ride with you. It is common to have a complete tube blow out. If you have a spare one, it will make you get back home safely and save a lot of frustration. You must ensure a good visual inspection before you take it for a ride. You may get the best bike spare parts in Canada that would come out to be long-lasting.

Duct Tape:
It is an essential tool among all. It would be best if you carry a bit of duct tape with you. This multipurpose tape can be instrumental at times.

These are essential tools and items that you should bring with you on every ride. If you’re going on a long ride, you might want to bring a few extra items.


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