Tips To Choose Best Pilates Mat For Exercise

When you consider the value of health, you may engage in exercise, strength training, and yoga. A different form of exercise can keep people healthy and fit. Pilates is one of them which is necessary for toning and increasing endurance in the body. Apart from that, it maintains the good health of your spine too. Many organizations are providing Pilates mat training NYC. You might be wondering, does it need any equipment? Not much ..!! Yes, you heard it right, you just need the best mat that is more than sufficient. Choosing the right kind of Pilates mat is essential for you. If you are not aware which mat is the best for Pilates and how to choose that, consider the following tips in that case.

Compared with the standard yoga mat, these pilates mats are quite thicker. The motive of these mats is to balance your knees, spine, wrists, etc. When purchasing a pilates mat, one should consider the material, thickness, texture, weight, size, and comfort.

Should I take it thick or thin?

Generally, the thickness level of the pilate mat is 6mm. If you are opting for a mat for yoga and pilates, then it is a good option. If you are wanting some deluxe kinds of mats, then the thickness ranges between 8mm and 15mm. Also, you can go with layering mats. In those mats, the 6mm mat comes up with a 4mm mat. Hygiene-oriented people can choose thinner mats.

Type of Material

Choosing the right material can safeguard you from being uncomfortable. Checking the complete specifications can help you determine what kind of material is used while designing the mat. When you go for stretchy material, it poses alignment issues. Make sure your mat has some softness in it along with the comfortable fiber that allows you to perform pilates smoothly.

Lightweight or Heavyweight?

Choosing a lightweight pilates mat or a heavyweight pilates mat is not very important. When practicing the exercises at home, the heavyweight pilates mat is the way to go. As you don’t need to move it so often from one place to another in a home. But when you are doing pilates in gyms, then choosing a lightweight pilate mat can help you. Usually, the thickness of pilate mats is more, so considering bulky mats can make you irritated at the moment.

Should I consider Size?

Size is really important, and choosing the short size mat for Pilates can pose some trouble for you. Well, it creates embarrassment too as you are not getting fit in that. So, prefer long mats rather than choosing short mats.

What to choose: smooth or grippy?

Buying a dual-purpose mat can allow you to do yoga as well as pilates together. It doesn’t need a grippy surface for the mat, but remember it should not be too stretchy. If you want to do yoga that needs more grip, then choosing a grippy mat can act as a savior.

Don’t Neglect the Comfort Factor

Comfort is something that you can’t neglect while buying pilate mats. It all depends upon how you feel in personal training. Choose what makes you comfortable, not what other people buy.


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