Tips To Prepare For JEE Mains

Every year lakhs of JEE aspirants set to appear for the JEE Mains and some brightest minds in the nation pitted against each other in this fierce competition. JEE Mains is popular among aspiring engineers, and cracking it is not an easy task. It requires months or even years of sweat. Every JEE aspirant has their strategy and study plans for the JEE Mains preparation; they break under pressure or when anxiety kicks in.
If you’re one of those coming under tremendous pressure due to depleting time for preparation, we have a complete, effective and productive study plan for you to prepare better for the JEE Mains.
In this article, we will discuss the study plan and critical tips to prepare for JEE Mains so that you will be well prepared to face the exam; let’s have a look:

Understand The JEE Main Exam Pattern
It is your first and essential job to do before starting JEE Mains preparation. Understand exam pattern, exam date, marking scheme, weightage, important topics, and JEE Mains syllabus. Knowing the exam pattern is necessary so that you can not make mistakes and prepare accordingly. Get detailed information here about the JEE Mains exam pattern.

Prepare a Feasible Timetable
Having a well-organised JEE study plan is crucial to distribute subjects and topics accordingly. Preparation for JEE Main focuses on the practice of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry and requires a lot of solving of mock tests, previous year JEE Main question papers, and question bank. So, design a study plan that has room for self-study, coaching (if you are enrolled on one), solving practice papers, revisions and relaxation.
Use The Right Books
Get hold of the books that are beneficial and add to your preparation. Start with NCERT textbooks to clear the concepts and then move forward with JEE reference books for practice.

Here are some great reference books you can practice:
NCERT Textbooks for Physics, Chemistry and Maths
Concepts of Physics
HC Verma
Problems in General Physics
I.E Irodov
Physical Chemistry
O.P. Tandon
Concept of Organic Chemistry
M. S. Chauhan
Inorganic Chemistry
O.P. Tandon
Objective Mathematics Vol 1 and Vol 2
R.D. Sharma
New Pattern Mathematics for JEE Main/Advanced
Arihant Publication

Cover Entire Syllabus
After getting the right books and JEE Mains exam pattern, now it’s time to start preparation. Cover the important topics and chapters first and then move on to the other topics. Pay attention to every piece of information because doing so will boost your confidence level, and you will feel less worried as the exam day comes.

Solve JEE Main Question Papers
Solve previous year’s question papers and sample papers. As you keep solving question papers, you will slowly get familiar with the types of questions, duration of the exam, marking scheme, and performance. Moreover, it will boost your speed and accuracy with time.

Attempt Mock Tests
Solving mock tests is crucial to succeeding in the JEE Mains. Mock tests assist you in being familiar with the actual exam situation where JEE Mains is usually a computer-based exam. Besides, mock tests will help you to enhance your exam-taking and time management abilities significantly.

Revise Regularly
Revising for JEE Mains is essential to remember facts, information and figures for a long time till your final exam day. Moreover, it boosts your confidence and reduces anxiety before the exam. Once you are finished with a topic or a chapter, revise it thoroughly. Amplify your revision by sample papers, MCQs, Question Banks of every topic. It will help you instantly perceive the concepts you have just studied.

Set your Goal
When a student sets a goal and has faith in himself, his hard work and efforts start transforming into reality. Therefore, be positive and believe you can achieve your desired destination. Preparation for JEE Main could bring boredom which can lower your self-esteem and motivation levels since you keep away from family and friends. Therefore, look for video lectures, webinars, and podcasts apart from gaining JEE Mains knowledge from books alone.

Relax your Mind
Many JEE aspirants don’t consider relaxing their minds. Instead, they utilise their recreational time to further study for JEE Mains. It is an unfair practice. Anything is appropriate: going for a walk, playing, listening to music, watching shows, etc. Mindset is the significant factor that differentiates between the toppers and others. So always stay relaxed mentally.

A well-structured preparation strategy is needed to score a good rank in JEE Mains. You can also opt for the best online coaching for JEE Mains. I hope these above-mentioned points will help you to crack JEE Mains.


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