Top 5 Restaurants in Singapore For Authentic Taiwanese Food

If you are craving for Taiwanese food, then Singapore is just the right spot for you. Taiwan is a popular destination for many Singaporeans, with a flying time of just under five hours. The wonderful food is one of Taiwan’s biggest enrichment that draws our attention towards it. It ranges from rich braised pork rice to crispy fried chicken. Of course, many of you still cannot travel abroad, but you can satisfy your cravings at Taiwanese restaurants found in Singapore. There are many spots where you can get to eat Taiwan’s varieties, but you can experience authentic dining of Taiwanese food in some of the major Singapore restaurants.

Let’s have a look below!

Eat 3 Bowls
If you are sitting in this famous restaurant, you must try the three bowl set as the name suggests. It contains small portions of pork braised rice, intestine mee, and chicken rice.

Eat 3 Bowls also provides us with full-sized versions of dishes including beef noodles, Taiwanese sausages, and sauteed beef cubes with garlic. It offers cuisines made from simple ingredients. If you are hungry and searching for an instant food hub, then Eat 3 Bowls Delivery is the best option.

Black Knight Hotpot
Planning a reunion gathering? Why not choose Black Knight Hotpot? This Singaporean Taiwanese restaurant provides mouthwatering broths to accompany their Taiwanese-inspired meals. Do try their lunch menu!

They offer discounts on Taiwanese foods like Taiwanese braised beef noodles, hotplate beancurd, and even Taiwanese Minced pork rice! Don’t forget to take advantage of this stunning restaurant!

Monki Cafe
If you are looking for a homely feel, then Monki Cafe is a great destination to dine at. The food served here is simple and well-presented. Apart from their dishes, you can go for their Snowflake desserts and treat your tongue with yummy flavors like chocolate banana, black sesame, matcha azuki, etc. So cool yourself with myriad!

Its menu is based on monthly specials. Monki Cafe sounds perfect for Instagrammers. It has cherry bright yellow interior and monkey figurines dotted on the walls.

8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro
A great destination to experience the abundance of fusion cuisines would be 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro! Again one of the best Taiwanese restaurants in Singapore, it has an abundance of fusion cuisines, that you would get confused to pick one. You cannot miss the Stewed Pork Belly Rice or the Chicken Cutlet Ramen Soup.
The establishment is named after one of the albums of Mandopop singer Jay Chou. You can’t even miss their drool-inducing side dishes as well. Enjoy the chewy textures of their Cheese Mantou or try their Salted Crispy Chicken for a crunchy taste! The drinks section is pretty extensive as it offers bubble tea, green tea, and many flavored teas for you to pick.

Cheers Cut
Cheers Cut happens to be one of the top restaurants for meat lovers. Here you can have grilled or fried beef, chicken, pork, and even squid to go with your rice bowl. Grab a bowl of chicken chunks! Hurry up and take a corner of Cheers Cut to get a handy and meaty-rich side of Taiwanese food.

If you are a foodie, get down to these famous restaurants in Singapore to make your day a good one by grabbing delicious meals, cuisines, and drinks. UrbanFindr is just a step away if you need to taste the Taiwanese food.


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