What is the Role of a Presentation at a Conference?

1. To Plant a New Idea in the Mind of the People

First things first, a presentation’s basic purpose is to plant a new idea in the minds of people. Presentations provide a fresh perspective on the topic of discussion: In business-related conferences or seminars, presentations are used for the advertisement of the products or services. The presenters persuade people to use their services without letting them realize that they are doing so. If it is an academic conference then the researchers show the recent findings in their field through presentations. They allow them to deliver unconventional viewpoints and newfangled theories.

2. To Prove the Validity or Authenticity of your Ideas

Presentations are a great tool for proving that you are not blabbering. Suppose you are telling a bunch of people about how great your brand is. No matter how articulate you are, nobody is going to believe you unless you show them evidence. You have to show positive reviews from customers who used your product. You have to illustrate how your product brought tangible changes to people’s lives. Presentations support your ideas with proof. By portraying the evidence, one comes across as upright and logical. The audience tends to rely on you. This is how one wins the trust of the customers.

3. To Visually Represent the Data so that the Audience Remembers Better

Why do we need Powerpoint Presentations if we can deliver the message verbally? The purpose of the presentation is not only to exhibit data but also to make people remember what you said. It is essential to master a PowerPoint presentation design that grabs the attention of people. People tend to remember the information better if the PowerPoint presentation design is enticing and visually appealing.

4. To Pay Heed to the Queries of the Audience

Interaction with the audience is one of the key features of a conference presentation. Most of the queries that the public might have related to the topic are answered in the presentation. A conference presentation is also a forum for discussions. So, if someone from the audience has a doubt, he/she can clear it in the Q and A session of the presentation. Besides clearing the queries, presentations play a vital role in taking note of the grievances and suggestions as well. This is exactly what conferences are for!

5. To Present the Achievements or the Progress in a Certain Period of Time

If the intent of the conference is to show how much progress has been made in a certain time span, then it is done through presentations. They are used to provide information regarding growth statistics. In a presentation, it is quite easy to illustrate data; they allow one to display different stages of development through line charts, column charts, pie charts, bar graphs or pyramids, and so on.


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