YouTuber KSI Still Hopeful Of Bitcoin, Despite Losing Millions Investing In It

Cryptocurrency is a very popular concept today. Still, one must be careful while investing in them. And it is all because digital currencies are prone to market volatility. There are the richest Bitcoin owners who invested in Bitcoin and became rich. However, one should not think the same to be applicable all the time, it might lead to heavy financial loss also. YouTuber KSI is one such example.

The popular English rapper has shared his experience of doing investment in the dominant cryptocurrency Bitcoin and losing millions of pounds when the market came down. But surprisingly that did not make KSI change his perception towards the dominant crypto coin. He is still optimistic about the future of Bitcoin reaching its highest targets from $100K to $1 million in the coming years.

Experience Of Bitcoin Investment Shared By YouTuber KSI

YouTuber KSI, also a popular English rapper, shared his experience of doing investment in Bitcoin on the Private Parts podcast. When asked about his stance on pouring his money on Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the English rapper and YouTuber revealed about the investment he made around $2 million, last year in November or December. But instead of gains, he suffered huge losses, at the time when the Bitcoin market slid down.

He admitted investment of $2 million in BTC, and even made up to $7 million, but later lost everything. YouTuber KSI felt lucky in making up to 7 million pounds sterling but felt like taking a smarter step in taking out the money into fiat and could have patiently waited for dropping and getting back to it. He accepts the fact that he got influenced by a bullish market trend.

YouTuber KSI has also added that it has been a complete journey for him in getting delving into the cryptocurrency world, and is now fully aware of it. He also mentioned investing money in the assets that he leveraged himself and did it over to such a point that he lost money. And it was all because of liquidation due to the clamping down of Bitcoin.

He also commented upon the losing millions of dollars due to crypto investment. He seemed okay with the feeling of a big loss. The YouTuber rapper also pointed out that there is no point in repenting of the big loss he has experienced while doing an investment in Bitcoin. KSI also realized the mistake of investing in assets during the bear market trend.

Is Bitcoin Investment A Gambling?

When YouTuber KSI was asked about his opinion on whether investing in Bitcoin is gambling to which he answered ‘NO’. He does not agree with the fact that Bitcoin investment can be related to gambling. Instead, he is optimistic about the long-term existence of Bitcoin in the coming years. It is just because it is being seen as a riskier asset and is not acceptable to most. The same applies to the altcoin Ethereum. KSI also admitted about the price fluctuation of these digital currencies, still, for him, these cryptocurrencies are heading upwards.

The English rapper also elaborated that if we observe the whole scenario, then we will find that Bitcoin cryptocurrency is going upwards slowly, and might reach a greater target from $100K to $1 million in the coming years. The famed YouTuber also expressed his opinion that if not so soon, it will take years but will happen for sure. KSI also stressed the point that Bitcoin is away from inflation, and that makes this crypto asset a safe haven. It does not adhere to any middlemen or central authorities like the government or banks.

Some Facts About YouTuber KSI

So now one can say that YouTuber KSI is also among the other celebrities who admire Bitcoin and is sure about its future in reaching $1 million one day from $100K to $500K. Now, let us know more about this YouTuber-rapper from the United Kingdom. Besides being a successful artist in rap music and on YouTube, KSI is also an actor-comedian. His stage name has been taken from his YouTube name channel having more than 16 million subscribers, and more than 2 billion viewerships. YouTuber KSI is ranked at 35th position by many registered channels.

Keep Up is his one such online video that made it to the top charts and garnered global popularity. He has a brother younger than him, called JJ, and is too famous like his elder brother. Both the brothers share similar profiles in being YouTubers and are high-ranked in the music industry.

YouTuber KSI is known to do charity for noble causes by donating most of his earnings. He had early experience as a YouTuber during his school days. After that, he took this talent to a professional level. He was even ousted from the Euro-gamer event, for his unruly conduct in the year 2012. However, the turning point in his life came in 2013 when he played a computer and excelled on it, making his debut entry into Guinness Records.

Ending note

When celebrities including the YouTuber KSI are so confident and hopeful towards the rise of Bitcoin for the coming years, then it becomes the evidence of crypto growth. Explore more other topics including the top Indian Bitcoin owners on the Cryptoknowmics site.


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