What Licence Do I Need to Operate Excavators and Earth-Work Equipment

The government introduced the Work and Health Safety Act, in 2011. This act has made it easier for all the construction workers to operate all kinds of site equipment responsibly. To operate heavy load machinery, the person needs to have specific training to operate it. Make sure that one does have complete knowledge of the safety rule and regulation at first. This is where having a Dozer ticket in Brisbane or any other equipment comes in handy. There are many factors that one needs to look out for while working on site.

What are the duties of management?

The law has clearly stated that the complete safety of the plant and construction is the complete responsibility of the PCBU. PCBU is an acronym for a person conducting a business or undertaking. The PCBU is accountable for everything that happens on the site. In fact., the type of operations that does not need any kind of licence, then must have regulations or guidelines to ensure the safety of the workers and other equipment on site. There are three things that management should keep a check on

The capability Test

Even though the worker holds a dozer licence in Brisbane, he/she has to take the competency test, just to be double sure of the ability to work on-site. The PCBU holds certain criteria to check the operator’s capabilities.

These are the things that the operators would be checked for. Apart from that under each capability, there are some factors that the PCBU wants the workers to know about such as

Moving on there is a checklist that you should give a look at it just to be double sure for the on-site work.

Is it necessary to have a Licence to Perform High-Risk Work?

There might be a number of Tasks, where there is no such requirement for the license or a ticket. But when it comes to the handling of the operators such as dozer, forklift, rigging, and many others, then the requirement of training is important. At the time of training for a dozer ticket in Brisbane, you will get to know many things such as.

And many other things that will cover the complete course work. It is really important to have a license before operating the heavy work machines cause it directly affects your safety and your fellow operators as well. It is not bad to know all the requirements before working on on-site construction.


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